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Bed & Breakfast Sachawasi

The Bed & Breakfast "SachaWasi" And a warm and welcoming B & B Nestled in the tranquility of nature. Hence the name Choosing What in Quechua means 'House of the Jungle'. Far From the noise, immersed in the green hills, just 3 km from the bustling town of Loano (known for because beaches, the harbor, the lush walk) The B & B SachaWasi will welcome you with HIS sun terrace with sea view 360 °, the garden with summer swimming pool, a barbecue at the arbor.

In the comfortable living potre avail the Following services:

Private parking


House with Garden

Sun Terrace


Bed & Breakfast Sachawasi 

 Via Coste Rosse 55, Boissano, Italia (SV)17054

Cell +39 333 1271654

Email: ceci_willy@hotmail.com